Song of Joy

As each morning breaks,
So do the complexities of life.
Yet we take more than we give.
Take our health and community without a thought,
Take our money and our time without thanks

Goodness we suppress
And truth we downplay.
On our own, all we see is darkness
This has always been our way.

We long for hope to be life’s major chord.
Will the song of joy ever be restored?

We forget what happened many years ago,
When history took a surprising route.
For in the quiet shadows,
Hope was stirring about.

From the smallest of towns,
A place often neglected,
Came a King without a crown,
The awaited One, yet unexpected.

His coming was proclaimed of old,
To rescue us from the adversary,
So all the world could behold
This Prince of Peace, born to Mary.

For God did not just look on their suffering.
He sent His very Son.
So they were no longer left wondering.
Immanuel had finally come.

The prophecies were no longer maybes,
This child came from their own tribe, their kin.
God became man and took on human skin,
But could this world really be changed by a baby?

Longing for hope to be life’s major chord.
Wondering if a song of joy could ever be restored.
And this sinless little boy
Grew to be a man
That He might finally destroy
Sin’s power, just as God planned.

This Wonderful Counselor showed understanding
When men like Nicodemus came with questions.
This Mighty God showed the extent of His power
When He calmed the sea with a word.
This Everlasting Father showed His kindness to the least of these
When He beckoned the little ones to come to Him.
This Prince of Peace showed mankind a different way
When He taught them to love their enemies and turn the other cheek.

From the Bread of Life to the Man of Sorrows
He was called by many names
Yet all these titles proclaimed
He was the one born to die
The only One on whom we could rely
To defeat the deep darkness of sin,
That has corrupted the world from the start
And dwells in our very hearts.

When He arose from the grave years later
He showed He was greater
Than the darkness of our soul
The only One who makes our hearts whole.

Finally, Hope transposed into a major chord.
Life’s song of joy is ever restored.

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