Psalm 77 – Honest Questions of the Soul

I bring my angst to the LORD,
My tears bellow.
And my God hears me.
When everything is hopelessly heavy,
I look for His hand, but I cannot seem to find it.
I cry out all night without ceasing
(Aren’t we told to pray without ceasing?)
But I’m met with the imprisonment of my fears.
I ache for freedom, only to find bars of worry.

I strain to think of who my God is,
But I feel weak and utterly confused.
He is the One that gives breath,
Yet I have not the strength to utter a word.

I remember the days of seasons past.
The treasured truths I used to sing on dark nights
Are now transposed to a somber tune.
I’ve uncovered a hidden refrain,
I tremble to voice these words laced with pain.

Is the LORD disappointed in me?
Has He shut off His kindness?
Does He no longer see me?
Does He no longer care?
Have I failed so poorly that His love and grace no longer extend?
Will my fears be met with unending silence?
Will this night never end?

Stop. Soul, remember the mighty and majestic deeds of my God.

Your wonders, O God, know no bounds.
Your rescue of our people is threaded throughout our history.

Your ways are pure and untainted by our sin.
No idol can compare with Your Sovereign power.
You make the unimaginable come to life,
Display strength across the skies, and
Restore Your people, time and time again.

When the waters saw Your face,
They feared You.
The dark sea recognizes Your voice.
At Your command, the clouds follow Your direction
To guide Your people and guard against their foes.
The cracks of thunder and arrows of lighting show
Creation is at Your beck and call.
Your path is not peaceful
But a plunge into the mighty depths,
Without a wake to be traced.
Still, Your people are never misplaced.

By Your kindness, You led through men like Moses and Aaron, mere mortals like me.
You always mark the way for Your people to be free.

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