After 30 years far from the crowds,
His public ministry began.
He chose twelve ordinary men,
not perfect, sometimes easy to offend.
But with their own eyes
They saw the miracles that verified:
The I AM stood before them.

As I AM,
He offered bread for spiritual hunger
Shone light to illumine the way,
Stood as the door to welcome the strays
Shepherded His own by name.
As the Vine of the abundant life,
He is the way, the truth, and the life.

To Him, they declared allegiance
And echoed His praise
And yet, they fled.
Did they change their minds in a day?
I could never,
I would never
Dream of something so obscene.

Then speaks this faint fear,
Quiet, but oh so clear.
Am I really that different?
My defense quickly disappears.

I want to protest my case,
Proving somehow I deserve grace,
But then I look at how I treat others:
I assume the worst of my brothers,
And shut my eyes to the needs around me.
My time is precious, that’s plain to see.
Someone else will serve, most would agree.
Someone else will support the homeless by the road,
Someone else will stand up for those who cannot speak,
Someone else will bear the unemployed´s load,
Someone else will tell them of the hope they seek.
I’m too busy earning standing and favor.
Trying to become the greatest of them all,
But perhaps my perspective is too small.

How blind am I?
How long will I justify
The standards I have made?
When I define what is valuable and true
Eventually, everything falls through.
So when the three couldn’t stay awake,
I realize, I’d have made the same mistake.

And Judas cared more for wages
Than honoring the Rock of Ages.
I wonder —what I would have done,
If wealth is my chief aim?
Who’s to say I wouldn’t have played that game?

Jesus led them to familiar ground,
The Garden of Gethsemane.
But the lessons had a different sound
And the prayers of that night
Seemed dark, almost out of place.
The Man of Sorrows poured out His soul.
The Father’s path charged a steep toll.

He cried, ¨Let this cup pass from me!¨
As they closed their eyes,
Slumbering at His broken plea.
¨Not My will but Yours be done.¨
Now…His hour had finally come

¨Are you asleep?¨He asked.
But He knew the answer,
Knew they would desert Him,
Knew they would betray Him.
Yet He loved them to the end.
Oh, how little they did comprehend.

With lanterns, torches, and weapons at their side
The powers of darkness arrived.
The betrayer handed over the Son of Man,
Confirming his choice with the kiss of a friend
Judas would soon meet greed’s sad end.
He thought 30 pieces of silver
Could somehow deliver
From the worries of this life.
Instead, he inherited eternal strife.

Over the years,
Jesus calmed the storm’s mighty winds,
He healed the lame and forgave sins,
He brought unwanted children near,
But in His hour of need,
They forgot all His life decreed.

Not one of his friends stayed
They could not even sit and pray.
Three times they fell asleep,
Three times He would be denied.
They became the scattered sheep.

Their faults describe mine.
Is this why He went to the tree?
My unbelief is as deep as the sea.

The religious leaders then led Him to trial
Relying on Roman enemies to complete their denial.
Instead of falling at His feet,
Jealous pride led them to mistreat
The One whom the prophets foretold,
But He wasn’t the Messiah they wanted to behold.

The disciples deserted Him
The rulers resented Him
And the crowds criticized Him.
They all turned on Him.
Do I?

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