Zechariah Part One

Oh that day.
No matter what circumstances come my way,
I will never forget that day.

The lot to offer incense finally fell to me;
Me, a priest advanced in years.
I could hardly believe that stunning decree,
But I heard my name loud and clear.

All at once, I had two thoughts:
One, God had extended mercy to me, His servant.
And two, this was the encouragement we sought—
Elizabeth’s faithful prayers had been so fervent.

But I must confess
The day did not go as I’d guessed.

As I entered all alone
A bright light appeared,
And my heart turned to stone
My eyes blinded by utter fear.

This is how my days will end
(or so I thought),
Then I heard what I could not comprehend.
This terrifying being knew my name,
And spoke to me. Was I going insane?

“Your prayers have been heard. You will have a son.”
A son? No. That dream had long passed
That part of our lives? That hope was done.
Yet his speech went on—everything happened so fast.

Not only did he know my name, but Elizabeth’s too.
He promised joy at our son’s birth
And gave instructions to guide this life of great worth.
He’d turn hearts of disobedience to the One who is true.
He’d be filled with the Spirit and walk in Elijah’s power.
After 400 years…was this the Messiah’s hour?

Not only did doubt creep into my heart
But dismay and disbelief would not depart.
From my view, this couldn’t be possible,
So I declared what I thought probable.

“I am old and so is my wife,
Can’t you see?
How could this come true in my life,
How could this possibly be?”

My words were rude and rash.
My fear had made me brash.

“I stand in the presence of the Almighty One.
You question not my ability but His.
You will indeed be gifted a son
But until then, your words will be none.
God’s promises are true
And His timing is never overdue.”

And just as quickly as he came, He was gone.
My mind filled with a thousand thoughts—
Had I really been in the wrong?
I felt both hopeful and distraught.

And just as he said, I could not speak.
My people understood I had seen a vision,
I felt confused and weak.
If all was to be as he decreed,
Would Elizabeth believe this wondrous provision?

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