Elizabeth Part Two

At the sixth-month mark, there was no hiding it,
Everyone could tell I was with child.
I was nervous to go out, I admit.
Some women clapped and smiled,
Others looked confused and surprised
(their faces made me laugh just a bit).
I cherished those five months alone, but—
I realized others needed to see
Yahweh’s faithfulness wasn’t just for me.

And while I received encouragement from friends
No one could quite relate until—
Until Mary walked through my door.
Then my soul began to celebrate.
I was not alone in the blessing I bore!
The greatness of this story was about to extend,
And at the sound of sweet Mary’s voice,
The son in my womb kicked and rejoiced.

It’s hard to put into words
Because I know it sounds a little absurd.
But in that instant, I knew,
My son would prepare the way for the One Mary bore
Our people’s hope was about to come true.

God chose another unlikely woman
To receive His undeserved favor.
I reveled in His kindness once again.
As this mystery unfolded, her faith never wavered.

The three months she stayed in my care
I count as precious memories without compare.
It was almost as if she was my own,
A daughter who needed comfort in the unknown.
Many wouldn’t understand,
Undoubtedly, rumors would grow secondhand,

But I cherished hearing her recount the news
of the most heavenly meeting
And the grace-filled greeting,
Which no one could refuse.
The Son of the Most High
Would be born to the Jews.
Yahweh both heard and answered our cries.

Mary’s faith challenged my own
Reciting prophets, covenants, and psalmists,
The Word formed her very backbone.
And her countenance was calmest
When she sang her praise-filled song.
God’s purpose had been there all along.

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