The Joy of Your Presence

I bring all of who I am to the Creator.
To my King, the One in whom I find true confidence.
Don’t let me be disappointed by what You decree.
Don’t let the lies and deceit of my demons take the upper hand.
Surely You replace disappointment with unrelenting hope.
Those who look to their own savior will always be left wanting.

Don’t leave me to my own devices. Direct me in Your footsteps.
Push and pull me until I walk in step with Your kind shadow.
Shepherd me with Your faithfulness, for You alone can mold me in truth.

Call to mind Your promise of compassion and deeds of unchanging love, my King, for they have been established long ago.

Call not to mind my failures, the days I followed lesser rulers and sought futile treasures.
By the decree of Your kindness and law of relentless love, see me as Your own kin.

Pure and trustworthy is this King,
That is why He schools the feeble in His ways.
He trains those who know they are lost without Him.
He guides those who are willing to follow Him without abandon.

Every byway and passage He opens, down to the last faint trail,
Are His avenues of grace, to those who cling to and live by His promises.

For the reputation of Your title,
Declare me free from the weight of my sins.
For only when man sees the unparalleled character of the King’s kind authority
Will He unveil the next right step.
All of who he is will be sheltered by His protection,
And his family shall dwell in security.

The secret counsel of the King is for those who cherish and revere His rule,
To those He divulges the depths of His promises.

My gaze is forever fixed on the King.
He will provide a bridge for every barricade.

My King, see me. Show me Your tender care.
For I am on the island of melancholy and misery.
The anguish of my soul swells.
Reclaim my heart.
Give attention to the distress of my trials,
And pardon each and every one of my failures.

Give attention to my adversaries.
They despise me and want to see me fail.

Preserve and protect my heart.
Don’t let me be disappointed, for I am putting all my confidence in You.
I watch for Your arrival.

Restore us.
Revoke our wanderings and replace our fears with the joy of Your presence.

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