Morning Armor

A new day begins.
The question is,
Who will win?

The battle is fierce
At the end of the day
I wonder — will I stand?
Will I hold fast to His commands?
Or with I fall
With no hope at all?

But this is not just my fight,
Nor do I stand by my might.
Every day I have a chance
To stand in the shadow of His holiness.

The Belt of Truth is firm,
Reminding me of what is, not what if’s.
The Breastplate of Righteousness protects my soul
For only by His love am I made whole.
The Shoes of the Gospel guard every step I take
For this journey is for His name’s sake.
The Shield of Faith protects me with His grace,
Repelling the drought of doubt
With the promise of His power.
The Helmet of Salvation preserves my mind.
His shepherding presence reminds me Whose I am.
The Sword of the Spirit strikes in all-knowing integrity,
His candor and conviction refine my heart.

And the persistence of prayer threads together each and every piece.
For this is His fight.
I stand in His might.

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