The Friendship I Like Best

There’s a story that stands out from the rest.
And it’s one I like to hear best,
For never was there a friendship like Naomi and Ruth,
Founded on acts of selflessness and truth.

Doubt led the family to sojourn far
From the land of their own community.
The promises of Yahweh felt below par,
And faithless disobedience sowed disunity.
They abandoned all they knew,
Somehow hoping to make do.

While doing right in their own eyes,
Ruth joined this family in distress,
Not knowing how she would impact their lives
With her bold, unmatched kindness.

Then, heartache struck without end,
One by one, their men were no more.
Without children to depend and defend,
Barrenness was the gift God had in store.

Yet Ruth did not melt in despair.
Instead of fretting about a new mate,
She committed her life to Naomi’s care,
Trusting Yahweh would see to their fate.
Bitterness nor silence changed her mind.
She knew what to do with her time.

Unassuming and unnoticed, she walked out the door.
God-fearing trust led her to the field,
Believing someone would heed the law for the poor,
She had no idea the harvest Providence would yield.

Boaz took notice of her tireless labor
And provided for her mother-in-law’s care.
Her obedience gained this man’s favor,
Yet they were both unaware
How their unlikely conversation
Would bring hope to countless generations.

At this news, Naomi’s bitterness turned aside,
Perhaps Yahweh had not forsaken her forever.
With Ruth, she began to converse and confide
As God began to weave all the pieces together.

This time Naomi stepped out with determination,
Seeking rest and comfort for her dear friend.
“All you say I will do” Ruth replied, no hesitation.
Then all that unfolds is hard to comprehend.

Boaz became her cherished husband,
Carrying on the name of the deceased.
A man of character on whom she could depend,
For God’s handiwork had never ceased.

All the details lined up just right.
Naomi’s friendship with her daughter-in-law
Showed God’s redemption had never been out of sight.
The union of this couple had the whole town in awe.

Naomi helped Ruth find her new home,
Where she took on the roles of wife and mother.
The whole family experienced God’s shalom.
Truly, their friendship was like no other.

God’s redemption felt hidden behind the clouds.
Dark days that seemed to never end.
But God had a purpose in what He allowed,
His harvest is one that transcends
Every doubt we conceive
And every trial we grieve.

This is the beauty of their story,
Their friendship revealed God’s glory.
For He is the Friend that stands out from all the rest
He is the one who loves each of us best.

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