The Promise of What Is


A small word that starts a simple question.
But add if, and we create a whole world of tension.
We build these collections of unknowns
Founding the most unwanted, unwelcomed conditions.

We ask ourselves questions like…

What if the answer never comes, or what if it’s the dreaded outcome?
What if I stay invisible in the background?
What if my load causes me to drown?
What if my waiting never ends?
What if that friendship never mends?
What if the healing never appears?
What if my path is lonely and unclear?
What if ALL my hopes lead to utter disappointment?

Oh my friends,
Our questions require a keen adjustment.
Replace the f with an s and you’ll find
That the Father teaches us a different composition.
What IS far outweighs the what-if position
In Christ, what is gives life new definition.

As a treasured possession of our Creator, He chose us with unprompted favor.
He marked out our path before the horizon of time.
He loved us first, without reason or rhyme.
When we trust Him, He redeems us forever from our rebel endeavors.
God trades our sin for Christ’s perfection, gracing us with such kind intentions.
He gives us a glorious inheritance as our hearts become His permanent residence.

So when those what-ifs creep at our door,
Who He is will always promise more.

What if the answer never comes?
He is right beside me. His presence never disappears.
What if to others I remain invisible?
He is in my corner. Forgotten by Him? Impossible.
What if my efforts come up short?
He is my advocate, declaring me clear in heaven’s court.
What if my waiting never ends?
He is my unwavering strength, the truest of friends.
What if the healing never comes and I end my days alone?
He is my unchanging goodness, my sure cornerstone.

My friends, don’t you see?
No matter the question, the privilege of Christ is always worth the price.
What is forever outweighs the what-if position
For Christ IS life’s true definition.

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